Piping Company

“We understand your need to reduce down time and get your product on the move. Our plumbers and pipe fitters work around your schedule and budget to meet your needs.”
  • Process piping, plumbing, refrigeration, natural gas, hydraulics, steam, condensate, feed water, chilled, glycol heating system piping and equipment installations.
  • Prefabrication of structural steel, piping and components.
  • Field on-site design with turnkey proposal writing.
  • We have on staff certified welders, stainless orbital welding, licensed plumbers, hazwhopper environmental piping and underground tank installers licensed by the State of Illinois with a combined 50 plus years field experience.
  • Engineering design/build with PE stamped drawings - all trades.
  • Process systems layout, budgeting and installation.
  • Fast track or emergency plant maintenance
  • Backflow testing and repairing devices for the annual inspections required by the water purveyor. This includesreduced pressure zone (RPZ), double check, and pressure vacuum breakers (PVB), for residential, commercial, industrial and fire systems.
  • Service division that is on call to keep your facility in operation on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week schedule.
Providing the following services:

Maintenance contract agreements
Plumbing service
Refrigeration piping
Coolers and freezers
Rooftop units
Hanging heaters
Boilers, radiator, control valves, etc.
Power burners
Tube heaters
Air make up units
Energy recover units
Water chillers
Air conditioning units
Temperature controls & building automation
Process chillers
Combustion analysis
Burner insurance compliance
System troubleshooting